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Atomic Productions

Atomic Productions

CLIENT: Atomic Productions 

“ has been such a huge help finding our foreign language voice over talent.”  – Lucy Nazareno, production manager at Atomic Productions, Inc.


In Emeryville, California, a small city nestled along the shore of the San Francisco Bay, you’ll find the studios of multi-award-winning Atomic Productions, Inc.

Atomic Productions is a full-service video production company. Of the hundreds of projects the company shoulders each year, at least 85% of them require voice over. That’s where comes in.


Propelled by the mantra “Content is King,” Atomic Productions’ identity has transformed over the years to keep up with shifts in the media landscape.

After cutting their teeth in commercial advertising, Atomic Productions leapt into the arena of sports broadcasting by partnering with the NFL and MLB. They received four Emmy Awards (and nine nominations) for their work with the San Francisco 49ers, Comcast SportsNet, and NBC Sports. And while the quartet of Emmy statuettes they proudly display in their office stand as solid evidence that their team knocks it out of the park when it comes to football and baseball videography, Atomic Productions eagerly accepts any challenges thrown their way.

The projects that Atomic Productions is working on at a given time range from local and regional commercials, to corporate explainer videos, sports promos and recap videos, and one-off TV specials. Their clients include worldwide corporations, sports franchises, agencies with their own clients, local companies, and charities.

Now, as digital and web content have grown more sought-after, the production house has found itself being commissioned to produce more corporate videos.

“We’ve been fortunate to have a highly diverse clientele that keeps us going strong.”

Lucy Nazareno, production manager at Atomic Productions, Inc.


When a project calls for voice over, Atomic Productions knows they can count on The company routinely entrusts their account and project managers with overseeing their projects’ heavy lifting for them.

Sometimes, a client approaches Atomic Productions with a description of the delivery they’re looking for, while others will ask the company to pen an original voice over script for them. Atomic Productions finds that VO can even provide solutions in unconventional circumstances, including videos featuring on-camera actors that need help bridging gaps between soundbites.

Either way, the Professional Services team at helps craft the right job posting and sources a shortlist of custom auditions for the Atomic Productions team to listen to.


Atomic Productions has been using ever since the video production company was recruited to complete a project that called for native Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tagalog speakers from China and the Philippines. Their client was sensitive to the differences of pronunciation in native Mandarin, Cantonese, and Tagalog speakers born in the United States compared to native speakers born in China. It could have been a tall order to fill against a compact deadline, but Atomic Productions was able to find all the authentic voices they needed directly on The client was thrilled by the end result.

So, when DocuSign contacted Atomic Productions about a project that required voice over in multiple languages, they naturally reached out to once again.

“ has been such a huge help finding our foreign language voice over talent.”

Lucy Nazareno, production manager at Atomic Productions, Inc.

Atomic Productions produced several videos for DocuSign CLM as part of a collaboration with Salesforce. For this project, they needed to source Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, French, and German voice over. Atomic Productions has also overseen projects with DocuSign that have employed everything from UK English to Mexican Spanish-speaking voice actors.’s global talent pool was one of the most attractive factors that led Atomic Productions to decide to do their work on the platform. They especially appreciate the fact that they can tell their project or account manager exactly what they need, and count on receiving a custom lineup of auditions, sometimes as early as the next day. With the help of, Atomic Productions has been able to retain their top clients through the years.


  • Leaned on’s Professional Services feature for management of a variety of job postings, voice recordings, and payments
  • Received curated shortlists of 6-12 auditions per project
  • Sourced a multitude of professional voice talent based on language, region, and accent
  • Quick turnaround times allowed Atomic Productions to meet all their deadlines and wow their clients

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