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Voices organized a live recording session for NBC10 Philadelphia to get the sound they needed.

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professional voice over talent
12 hours
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30 second
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As one of NBCUniversal’s owned-and-operated television stations, NBC10/Telemundo62 is one of the Philadelphia region’s leading media companies. The station has been delivering local news, information and weather for more than 60 years, serving nearly six million viewers throughout Greater Philadelphia, the Lehigh Valley, South Jersey and Delaware.

Before Voices

Recently, NBC10 producer Brendan Conway undertook the production of a 30 second television ad for local Philadelphia news station, NBC10. The plan was for the ad to air during the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games – prime television real estate with the potential to make a powerful first impression on a vast, engaged audience. Understanding the likely impact of the project was great, Brendan and his team knew they needed to find a voice over talent with the perfect sound.

“We had a lot of new eyes on our station, and needed to capture their attention with a unique, strong voice.”
Brendan Conway, Promotions Producer, NBC10 Philadelphia
NBC video screenshot


With a tight deadline for the project, Brendan quickly realized the need to secure the right voice over as soon as possible. He turned to Voices and began the search.

“The Voices interface allowed us to review auditions quickly, saving us time. Also, being able to target a certain voice type helped us immensely.”
Brendan Conway, Promotions Producer, NBC10 Philadelphia

While the audition attracted many submissions from high quality, professional talent, Brendan remembered working with one voice over talent in particular on a project in the past – and that was Harvey Gold. Brendan knew Harvey was the perfect voice to capture the spirit of Philadelphia.

Excited by the idea of finding and casting a talent with the ideal sound, Brendan reached out to an account manager at Voices and inquired about Harvey’s availability. Within minutes, there was a response and the coordination of next steps began.

A Voices Project Administrator quickly organized a live recording session for Brendan and Harvey. The live session allowed for easy coaching in real-time, resulting in multiple successful recorded takes.

“Harvey’s voice made the spot what it is. His relatable, down-to-earth, and easy-to-understand sound really helped us tap into the ethos of Philadelphia.”
Brendan Conway, Promotions Producer, NBC10 Philadelphia

Finding and securing the perfect sound was easy with the help of Voices. The result was a quick turnaround time and a successful and impressive project. The ad was received extremely well during its initial run and continues to air today – proving the power of the perfect voice.

NBC video screenshot

Top outcomes

  • Efficient production process
  • Friendly and efficient digital correspondence with a Voices account manager
  • The successful production of a 30 second promotional video which premiered during the Winter Olympics
  • Account manager made communicating with the talent and receiving the recording an easy and enjoyable process
  • The casting of a unique and strong voice, which perfectly captured the vision of the project

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