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AGENCY: InGrid Design 

“It has helped improve my workflow by relieving me of the time and hassle it takes to search out good talent, and then finding studio time to record. Time is money, and I’ve saved quite a bit of time with”  – Luke Hattemer, Video and Motion Graphic Artist, InGrid Design


InGrid Design is an award-winning design firm based in Louisville, Kentucky. The agency has won several design and communications awards for their work with Little Brownie Bakers, SVS, and Comdata.


InGrid Design has dozens of clients, each with their own unique messaging and brand voice. Ensuring that each client sounds different can be difficult when picking from the same talent pool over and over again. Luke Hattemer, Video and Motion Graphics Artist at InGrid Design, and his team found that searching locally for new talent was time-consuming – not to mention the resources involved in finding studio time to record.

When they couldn’t find the right voice locally, they would spend more time searching instead of producing, putting deadlines at risk. In some cases, the talent’s voice over also needed a tweak, which meant reaching out to the talent, booking studio time, and waiting for the new files to come in.

One project that Luke’s team worked on was Twyla’s Cookie Adventure for Little Brownie Bakers. His team needed both a young girl and an adult voice talent for a project. The deadline was just weeks away, meaning there was little time to search high and low for voice talent.

“Some of the main reasons I started using was because of the ease of not having to do all the hunting for talent and the quick turnaround without using much of my own time.”

Luke Hattemer, Video and Motion Graphic Artist, InGrid Design

The Solution

Luke was looking for a solution that would save him time on projects while also expanding the talent pool from which he chose. Using to help with Twyla’s Cookie Adventure, InGrid sent in a piece of the script to its account manager, who came back with an assortment of unique auditions from professional talent. After selecting a talent and sending over the final script, the voice over was complete and in Luke’s hands, all within 24 hours.

Using, Luke no longer has an issue getting the voice talent to re-record if his team tweaks the script. The team sends its account manager a note about what needs to be changed, and new files are sent through shortly after. This ensures that InGrid Design continues to produce award-winning work in a way that fulfills its clients’ timelines.

Top Outcomes:

  • Voice over files delivered within 24 hours

  • Go beyond their local talent pool for each unique project

  • Professional voices added credibility to award-winning work

  • Tweaks, if necessary, completed and sent back promptly

  • Improved workflow lets InGrid Design team focus on other tasks to complete projects

“By using, I can usually expect quick turnarounds from professional talent without having to go out of my way searching for the right voice talent. This is crucial when I am focusing my time on other tasks.”

Luke Hattemer, Video and Motion Graphic Artist, InGrid Design

About InGrid Design

InGrid Design is an award-winning graphic design and bilingual communications firm that finds creative solutions for unique business needs.

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