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Andy Mahaney to American Sailing for Job #683928

Working with Jenny at American Sailing Association is at the top of my audiobook narration experiences. I had the honor of narrating three of the ASA's textbooks and Jenny was always available to coach proper pronunciation of sailing-specific terms. Her knowledge and experience allowed her to provide great insights along the way.

The material is a wonderful combination of the necessarily specific technical aspects of sailing but still remains easy to understand with each textbook building on the knowledge presented in the previous one.

Each day, I looked forward to spending hours reading then editing/processing the material!
I am grateful for the opportunity!
Andy Mahaney

Mar 11, 2024


Andy Mahaney to American Sailing for Job #675930

Jenny, from the American Sailing Association has been a joy to work with. She is an experienced professional educator and Captain who is well-versed in all things watercraft. And during the entire production of the audio version of the ASA's 101 Sailing textbook, she provided ongoing help with pronunciation and term spacing. She even responded in those odd days and hours when I needed immediate help when something tripped me up. I appreciate the work the association does with students worldwide. It has been an honor to work with the organization!

Andy Mahaney

Dec 11, 2023