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We are a call-in based, internet radio program. We offer advice to the LGBTQ community, however we focus mainly on transgender women issues. Every week Jen and I do our part to make the trans-female experience that much more enjoyable with our take on the issues that the community faces in modern day America. We candidly discuss: The psychology of gender, race/gender politics, sexual health, misconceptions about the community, and good ol' fashion home spun wisdom that we believe everyone needs from time to time. We are a very mellow duo with a comedic streak and our advice-show promotes tolerance, understanding, and intelligent discussions on all social issues.

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Drew Montgomery Voice Overs to Sugar And Spice for Job #95534 Spiritual Radio Show


Jan 22, 2014


Wendi Ney Voice Overs to Sugar And Spice for Job #65499 Announcer for NPR-like advice show

It was a real pleasure working with Bailey!

Nov 5, 2012