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Internet Video

Fervid Media to for Job #350457 *RUSH* 3 Digimon video game Narrative voiceovers for Web-based advertising

An absolute pleasure working on this project!

Sep 18, 2019


Lauren Ruff to for Job #349197 Confident and Cheerful voiceover wanted for web use

So great working with you!

Sep 10, 2019


Kiko Hdz - Voice Over to for Job #333729 Spanish Speaking VO Government PSA

Aug 27, 2019


Nathalie Briard to for Job #344004 Quebec French Female talent requested for Education technology product demo

Thanks Ben and Kayla for your collaboration on this inspiring project !

Aug 12, 2019


Chantelle Anita Voices to for Job #342765 Aperol VO project

As always I'm beyond grateful I get to work on so many incredible and lucrative projects thanks to the hard work of the team...i love you guys!!

Aug 12, 2019


Dick Terhune to for Job #345868 Italian Racecar Driver: Radio commercial requiring English VO with Italian Accent

Aug 7, 2019


Siobhan Dowd Voiceover to for Job #343887 Education technology product Demo reel - UK Female London Accent wanted!

I loved working on this project and hope to work with Ben, his team and the client again soon.

Aug 3, 2019

Internet Video

Hannah Laurel to for Job #344613 Dragon Ball Z Project #2

Always a pleasure to work with Ben and this client always has entertaining and fun scripts for me to read! Cheers to the next one!

Jul 31, 2019


Maya Tuttle to for Job #343587 ...When your fruit goes POP? 15 second Voiceover

Thank you so much! Always a pleasure.

Jul 30, 2019


Vegas Jenkins to for Job #343134 Save the Date: 2020 UPS convention

Jul 24, 2019


Andy B Robinson to for Job #344483 Maritime Inventory

great working with you again! Always a pleasure.

Jul 23, 2019


Patrick Lagreid to for Job #333314 Voice training Research data for computer software

It was great working with Ben, Kayla and the team on this project. I hope we can work together again soon!

Jul 19, 2019


Voices By Jamie Hill, Inc. to for Job #343602 Additional IBM VO Project is the best!


Jul 10, 2019


linda laplante to for Job #339067 french :30 event promotion - broadcast radio and television

Ben and his team have been wonderful throughout the work. Thank you so much for trusting me!!

Jul 9, 2019

Internet Video

Neil Keck to for Job #342199 Stem Cell VO project

Great direction via phone patch. Offered lots of feedback and was always on top of things.

Jul 9, 2019


Bart Flynn - to for Job #339022 Raw and unscripted voice needed for Agricultural Internet/ Television VO

Great people! Great project! It was a pleasure working with Ben and Kayla!
Thank you both!!!

Jul 5, 2019


voamME Services Inc. to for Job #343537 Product pitch for a supplements brand

Thanks Kayla & Ben, always great working with you!

Jul 2, 2019


BJS Voiceover to for Job #333730 English Speaking VO Government PSA

Jun 25, 2019

Internet Video

Leah Arscott to for Job #333158 NYDJ - Summer Editorial Video

Jun 13, 2019

Internet Video

Hannah Laurel to for Job #340247 Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Video game trailer - Internet usage

This was a really fun script and project. Can't wait to see how it turned out! Hope to work with Ben again very soon!

Jun 12, 2019