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For a distinct twist on the challenges of communication & buzz, Divine Nonchalance is like Vincent The Cleaner (the cool-headed assassin you call when you're in a pinch). Whatever the product or undertaking, let our depth of experience work for you. We will gig independently or as part of your team in the following areas:

* Creative Marketing
* Conceptual Development
* Brand / Identity Building
* Promotional Campaigns
* Composition & Design
* Event Production


Rick Cabral to Nonchalance for Job #104854 Stylized Fantasy / Concierge Voicemail

May 8, 2014


Maureen Egan to Nonchalance for Job #74798 The Voice of Cara Lucero

Jeff was great to work with- I was happy to be part of such a creative project. His direction was focused and artistic- what a joy to work with someone who is able to communicate his vision to the voice over as he did.

May 7, 2013

Internet Video

Penny Scott-Andrews to Nonchalance for Job #36347 Female Voice for Music Mix

Feb 4, 2012


Paul Christy Productions to Nonchalance for Job #21413 Radio Nonchalance

These people are a real joy to work for! Their copy is so cutting-edge creative and well-written that I found myself voluntarily doing more than I had agreed to. In all ways professional, but unlike any organization for which I had previously done voice work. Can't say enough good things....

Five Stars!

Jun 24, 2010


Jonathan Adams to Nonchalance for Job #18639 Eric Jamuel ARG Voice Mail

Great to have the opportunity to work with Jeff and NonChalance again. They are very specific about what they want, which makes it easy to deliver great product. Timely payment.

Feb 11, 2010


Jonathan Adams to Nonchalance for Job #9285 Detective Chen

Another great client experience from Mr. Hull & Nonchalance. Thanks!!!

Sep 10, 2008


Charles Minx to Nonchalance for Job #8633 Pseudo-Scientific Video Narration

Very professional. I would work with them again, no problems.

Aug 7, 2008


Jonathan Adams to Nonchalance for Job #8634 Delusional Eccentric.

Jeff at Nonchalance was great to work with!

Aug 4, 2008


Jonny Lewis to Nonchalance for Job #8385 Seeking Mad Scientist - Eastern European Accent

Jul 31, 2008