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Bryan Kopta to Ho Yang for Job #299301 Data Success Narration

Thanks, Ho! It was a pleasure working together. Looking forward to the next one!

All the best,

Bryan Kopta


Aug 30, 2018


Joe Wakeford Voiceovers to Ho Yang for Job #263830 Business Video Voiceover

Ho Yang was positive and accurate with direction providing me with a great experience from initial read to payment completion. Looking forward to working together again - and I wish them all the best with the project!

Showreel: joewakeford.com/showreel
Website: joewakeford.com

Dec 7, 2017


Maura Clerkin Voice Actor to Ho Yang for Job #254632 Acme Data

Good working with you and have taken your advice re microphone!

Oct 20, 2017


Kristen Hagopian to Ho Yang for Job #225216 Acme Branding

Absolutely wonderful to work with, truly one of the best! Professional, organized, great Direction. A real pleasure to work with - HIGHLY recommend! KLH

Apr 28, 2017


Kristen Hagopian to Ho Yang for Job #203319 Whiteboard narrator WEFD

Absolutely FANTASTIC Client! Organized, professional, a true pleasure to work with. HIGHLY recommend! KLH

Sep 27, 2016


Doug Hamilton to Ho Yang for Job #175982 Insurance Co. Whiteboard

Thanks Ho - a real pleasure working with you!

Feb 28, 2016


Dave Smith Productions to Ho Yang for Job #174779 Client-Provider Whiteboard Video

Great client to work for!

Feb 26, 2016