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Audiodraft is a custom music production company helping brands define their audio identity through strategic planning and use of industry wide analysis. We are your music department online.


Damien Faity Rougier to Audiodraft for Job #384842 FR - Male trailer voice

Working with Tomas was Okay, but I had to struggle to get someone at Audiodraft to finally make the payment after two months of waiting.

Jun 6, 2020

Internet Video

Sandra Poirier VO to Audiodraft for Job #381430 FR Female voice - Online Training videos

Cameron is a great client to work for. The project was interesting. The direction was clear and the communication was efficient.

Mar 28, 2020

Internet Video

Diana Axelsen to Audiodraft for Job #379048 Danish Female (Young Adult) voice-over

Super easy to work with :-)

Mar 5, 2020


Martin Schubert to Audiodraft for Job #362011 Product Video - German Male VO

Thanks for the good teamwork, Cameron!

Dec 16, 2019


BernardGrand-Voixoff.com to Audiodraft for Job #362010 Product Video - French Male VO

Dec 16, 2019


Audivieve to Audiodraft for Job #354556 American English, Female Voice Over - Game promo

Oct 28, 2019


RobsonReads to Audiodraft for Job #356458 British received pronunciation - Male 50+

Cam has been great to work with. I have appreciated his encouragement!

Oct 7, 2019


Mark Wangerin to Audiodraft for Job #339478 Voice of God

Great team to work for and with. 'Wish they were all this enjoyable!

Jun 20, 2019

Internet Video

Stela Munoz VoiceOver to Audiodraft for Job #290787 Madrid Spanish Accent - Female Young adult

It has been a pleasure! Excellent comunication; you made it easy for me :)

Such a great and professional team. Thank you very much,

Jun 19, 2018

Internet Video

Ed Kelly Entertainment to Audiodraft for Job #281588 Trump Impersonator

A Sound Match artist requires tools. I'm happy to say that Audiodraft provided all the files needed, and while the job took some time, and was challenging as \"looping\" can be without \"Vocalign\" software. We got her done, thanks to all the work parts being provided in good working order. Would work with these fold again any time. Total Pros!

Apr 19, 2018

Internet Video

Pedro Adarraga to Audiodraft for Job #280605 Spanish - Touch up scripts

Once again, a pleasure to work with Cameron Murphy from Audiodraft. In each of our three collaborations we have faced different problems and challenges, and it has been really nice to overcome them with a feeling of team work. Thanks, Cam!

Apr 17, 2018

Internet Video

Danek Kaunissaare to Audiodraft for Job #269098 Native Male Estonian Speaker

Cameron is an awesome guy to work with. Always helpful, quick to answer and sort out all kinds of issues that may come up. This particular project went rather smoothly, aside from a weird technical glitch on voices.com side, that woulnd't let the payment to go thriugh. He patiently dug through the issue until everything worked out. Thanks mate! Looking forward to working with you again.


Mar 23, 2018

Internet Video

Danek Kaunissaare to Audiodraft for Job #274145 Estonian 30s script

I've worked with Cameron for a couple of projects now. He's very easy to communicate with (usually anwers messages in a few minutes), and extremely helpful - hey, I as a newbie to voices.com even got tutored by him on how to get rhtough the process of accepting-uploading-and whatnot :) Definitely recommend (Y)

Mar 5, 2018

Internet Video

Calcopyrite Communications Inc. to Audiodraft for Job #269335 Game announcer

Professional all the way. This was a prestigious opportunity I'm very honoured to be chosen for. Thanks Audiodraft. I hope we get to work together again!

Feb 8, 2018

Internet Video

Sky Soleil VO to Audiodraft for Job #267728 NFL style Sports Commentator

Cameron and the Audiodraft team were an absolute pleasure to work with. Prompt, professional and wonderful with direction.

If you have the opportunity to work with them, I would highly recommend them.

Sky Soleil VO

Jan 15, 2018

Internet Video

Pedro Adarraga to Audiodraft for Job #257812 NATIVE SPANISH (SPAIN) MALE - AGE 30-35 - SOFT, LOW PITCHED, STRONG VOICE, BEAR LIKE

Making friends via Voices.com while carrying out a nice job: that is the feeling that I had during my work with Cameron. He was there when you needed him, messages were quick and they did not only contain the necessary information but also a pleasant dose of support and understanding.
Wonders of the internet: performing a job from Spain for a final client in Spain, I had the chance to enjoy the contact and collaboration with an (irish?) guy in Finland. I look forward to repeating the experience and, who knows, maybe meeting in person and sharing a beer somewhere. Thanks for all, Cam!!

Nov 24, 2017

Internet Video

Nikki Thomas to Audiodraft for Job #254939 Neutral English Canadian Female - Young adult (20-30)

Nov 4, 2017


DEEP MALE VOICE to Audiodraft for Job #255225 Native Latvian Male - Age 30-35 - Soft, Low pitched, strong voice, Bear like


Oct 18, 2017