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ColdWater Media is a recognized leader of powerful, cutting edge documentary films. We also make video curricula and television series. The subjects that we have explored have included history, biology, philosophy, anthropology, theology, economics, and public policy. We want to encourage serious thought about important subjects, but we never forget that it needs to be entertaining-or nobody will watch it!

ColdWater takes great care to build deep, trusting, relationships with our clients for the purpose of understanding their goals and objectives and translating them into the visual medium. There are thousands of small details involved in every job and we strive for the highest production values in everything that we do.

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Chris Arias to ColdWater Media for Job #249272 Freedom TV Spot

I really enjoyed working with everyone at ColdWater. A good project and great people!

Dec 14, 2017


Corky Coreson to ColdWater Media for Job #67028 Veteran Nation - George Washington

Job went super smooth.

Jan 30, 2014

Internet Video

Jessica Lee to ColdWater Media for Job #94366 Proactive Solutions

Josh was great to work with. Thanks for your business.

Jan 15, 2014

Internet Video

Debbie Grattan to ColdWater Media for Job #65360 Inspirational 2-min Internet Short

Mar 6, 2013


Hoarse Whisperer Voicover to ColdWater Media for Job #67811 Veteran Nation - Abraham Lincoln

Working wth Josh was quick and easy. I submitted a track which was to his satisfaction and our work was finished! Thanks, Josh for the opportunity. I was so pleased for your acceptance and to participate. Marv Goldsher

Jan 5, 2013


Lani Minella to ColdWater Media for Job #67030 Vetera Nation - Ida Tarbell

Fantastic to work for and I hope to be able to do more in the future!

Dec 4, 2012


Jared Lewis to ColdWater Media for Job #63369 Poverty Documentary (for non-profit)

Thanks Josh for allowing me the opportunity to work with you! Nice and easy! I really appreciate it!

Sep 26, 2012

Internet Video

AndrewRandall.com to ColdWater Media for Job #59785 I, Smartphone

Great employer. Professional, prompt and a pleasure to work with.

Jul 20, 2012