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Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce (WMC) is the state chamber of commerce, the state manufacturers’ association and the state safety council. Founded in 1911, WMC is Wisconsin’s leading business association dedicated to making Wisconsin the most competitive state in the nation. We work tirelessly to advance policies that are in the public interest of our state and nation. Currently, the association has nearly 3,800 members that include both large and small manufacturers, service companies, local chambers of commerce and specialized trade associations.

Within Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce are several affiliated organizations:

The WMC Foundation is a non-profit, public educational foundation that sponsors and conducts programs to enhance public education and update the skills of the current workforce. The Foundation’s purpose is to foster a greater understanding of the free enterprise system and issues facing business and industry. The two cornerstones of the Foundation are Business World® and the Wisconsin Safety Council.

The Business World Program is the high school education division of the WMC Foundation. Established in 1982, Business World was created to engage high school students in an academic setting and demonstrate the values of leadership, financial literacy, and free-market enterprise.

The Wisconsin Safety Council (WSC) is the state’s leading provider of safety training and programming. Partnering with over 4,000 members to make Wisconsin safer and healthier. Through training at our office or yours, and in many locations around the state, the Wisconsin Safety Council is dedicated to keeping Wisconsin workers safe.


Patrick Lagreid to WMC for Job #332195 Wisconsin Safety Council 77th Annual Conference

Apr 12, 2019


Tracy Kinkead to WMC for Job #327153 Business Day in Madison Event

Professional and courteous. Thanks so much!

Mar 4, 2019


Bobby Butler to WMC for Job #314327 Future Wisconsin Project Intro Video

Feb 15, 2019

Internet Video

Bobby Butler to WMC for Job #301470 Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin Contest

Feb 15, 2019


Ed Kelly to WMC for Job #310802 Radio Ad 1

Radio was where I began. This script was well penned and flowed nicely.
David was easy to work with and knew exactly what he was looking for.
A total pleasure for a working Voice Actor!

Nov 28, 2018


Andy Geller to WMC for Job #310804 Radio Ad 3

Thanks for the opportunity!

Oct 23, 2018


Debbie Feldman to WMC for Job #310803 Radio Ad 2

Enjoyed the directions given for this client.

Oct 23, 2018


Steve O'Brien to WMC for Job #307896 Business & Industry Luncheon

David is always pleasure to work with!

Oct 8, 2018

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Laura Witek to WMC for Job #281133 WSC Hall of Fame Award

David made my job a breeze!

Apr 13, 2018

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Dean Wendt to WMC for Job #281121 WSC Safety & Health Conference and Expo

Apr 12, 2018


Randy McCarten to WMC for Job #258299 Who is the Wisconsin Safety Council?

David gave great direction and was easy to work with. Would love to work with him again anytime!

Nov 22, 2017