Karl Kristiansen

Fotograf Kristiansen Aalesund, Møre og Romsdal, NO

About Us

Fotograf Kristiansen is a Norwegian photographer with over 30 years experience, we provide photo and video services.


Louise Samuels - 'BritVoice.' to Fotograf Kristiansen for Job #325390 Voiceover for project revealing Johan Sverdrup platform living quarters.

Great experience working with Karl / Fotograf Kristiansen! Clear instructions, friendly interaction, straightforward process and a great client! Hope to voice for you again in the future !Thank you! - Louise

Feb 20, 2019


Voice Over Mann to Fotograf Kristiansen for Job #285494 Glamox Johan Sverdrup voiceover

Great working with you - clear direction!

May 9, 2018