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DDM Is NY Based digital marketing and development company.
We specialize in building creative portals for all types of businesses and industries. We offer turn-key solutions for online commerce.


Christopher Byron to Dutchess DIgital Media for Job #121126 The Scorecard 3

Great communication. Made my job easy!

Nov 4, 2014


Mike Vincent Productions to Dutchess DIgital Media for Job #112987 Module Reads

I LOVE working with Fred - a man of vision, style, and professionalism. Thank you Fred!

Aug 1, 2014


Judy Kaplan to Dutchess DIgital Media for Job #92947 15 Minute Career Video

Working with Fred was a pleasure and a breeze! Excellent experience.

Dec 25, 2013

Internet Video to Dutchess DIgital Media for Job #82219 The Shift Warrior- The Call

This is the first time I have worked with Fred and his colleagues, and it was a great experience. The script was challenging but as a consequence all the more delightful to read. Feedback to my questions was rapid and lucid, making for both a smooth dialogue over a very long distance and a rapid, informed turnaround. If only all clients made the process so easy and pleasant. I hope to have the opportunity of working with Fred and his team again someday.

Aug 5, 2013