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Hi! I am writing a new musical called Everly Yours in Chicago. There is a reading coming up here Dec 10. In the musical, there is a projected newsreel featuring some news from the 1911 time period. We need an announcer with a voice like this to record a quick script in Garageband or similar and send it over. We will then pop it into the film. Because this is totally new and not attached to a theater yet, we would ask that this be a work for hire project only, and that no rights ongoing in the show be requested.


David Gavin Voice Over to Gen Thiers for Job #91540 Everly Yours

It can be a bit daunting to work with someone as incredibly talented as Gen. However this experience was anything but! As a matter of fact, she has instantly become one of my all-time favorite clients out of all my years in this business!
From our short conversation, I immediately felt like I was taking to an old friend!
Every last detail was covered and I walked away knowing exactly what she was looking for… and the whole job was a wrap in a few short hours!
Thanks so much Gen... I'll truly be hoping to work with you again real soon!!

Nov 26, 2013