Martin Schjoeler

Supercell Hellerup, Sjælland, DK

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We are a games developer specialising in mobile games.


Leah Arscott to Supercell for Job #418733 Female (reluctant) novice firebreating action hero

Martin was wonderful to work with! He gave clear direction, and made the session very easy and comfortable. Thanks again Martin. Mange Tak! :)

Oct 22, 2020


Katie Snyder to Supercell for Job #410847 Female character for mobile action game

Couldn't have asked for a better live directed session experience! The direction was clear and concise, the session was run professionally and efficiently, all the while having a great time playing with the character choices on both ends. Would love to work with Supercell again!

Sep 6, 2020


Steven Kelly to Supercell for Job #395868 Action hero. Manly frat boy robot hero.

Great to work with. Fun recording session, and entertaining script. Awesome!

Jul 22, 2020


Dean Compoginis to Supercell for Job #387315 Older male character for mobile action game.

It would be hard to imagine a better experience. Creative, fun, great direction. A top notch collaboration. Thank you!

May 2, 2020


Sandra Espinoza to Supercell for Job #378838 Female heroine for fast paced mobile action game

As always, a totally perfect experience! Martin's fun, considerate and so easy to work with! Thanks so much!

Mar 8, 2020


Sandra Osborne to Supercell for Job #367526 Female hyper active action hero for mobile game

What a dream to bring this character to life! Thank you Supercell! I hope we collaborate again!

Jan 14, 2020


Tiffany Grant to Supercell for Job #367196 Female actionstar/entomologist

Martin was great to work with. His script was well-written and fun to perform. Martin gave clear direction. He was professional AND friendly. A real pleasure to work with. Not only that, he released the payment in less than 24 hours! I look forward to working with Supercell again in the near future. Highly recommended!

Dec 14, 2019


Sandra Espinoza to Supercell for Job #358753 Female ott vapid valley, vsco girl. 14-21. Actual character is a zombie for mobile action game.

Martin's a delight to work with. Friendly and provides down to earth, relatable directions. I'm thrilled to get to work with him & Supercell again!

Oct 17, 2019


Benjamin Thomas to Supercell for Job #354366 Action teen, cartoony, cool.

Not often you come across a CD like Martin. He was a pleasure to work with and made for a really fun session. Really quick turnaround on hiring and completing the job - quick and painless! Thanks again!

Sep 20, 2019


Patmotiv to Supercell for Job #352526 Sleepy, sarcastic male teen for cartoony action game for ios.

Great to work with!!!!

Sep 10, 2019


Bendy Voices to Supercell for Job #340272 Young female asian american for high energy action game

Martin is a pleasure to work with. Very clear with directions and writes such fun characters!

Jun 18, 2019


Maria Arteaga to Supercell for Job #308728 Online action game

May 30, 2019


Sheila Williams to Supercell for Job #335389 British female boxing botanist for action game

A great company to work with. Tons of fun, energy and great communication. I would be happy to work for Martin and Supercell again anytime.

Apr 30, 2019


2011 to Supercell for Job #327917 High energy nerdy teen character for high intensity video game.

What can I say, Martin was an absolute top shelf gentleman the entire process. One of, if not the friendliest client I've ever had the pleasure working with. Truly a class act, from start to finish. Not to mention a super fun project to be a part of. Whoever gets the opportunity to work with him is in for a treat, and I for one look forward to any opportunity to audition or work with him again.

*****FIVE STARS*****

Mar 12, 2019


Scott William to Supercell for Job #319651 Mobile action game

great to work with... a real pleasure! i hope we cross paths again soon!

Feb 4, 2019


Brian Stivale to Supercell for Job #318734 Character for mobile action game

Martin and the Supercell Team are AWESOME. I had a BLAST and felt valued and part of the team. HAPPILY work with them again ANYTIME.

Dec 21, 2018


Ed Mace to Supercell for Job #317179 Character for mobile action

Martin was literally a joy to work with on this particular character. The live session was a blast!! He is so engaging and offered the best direction. I’d work with him again in a heartbeat!

Dec 18, 2018


DJR Voice Over to Supercell for Job #315103 Action game for mobile

Excellent experience! Thanks Again!!!

Dec 14, 2018


Jennifer Wydra to Supercell for Job #313143 Mobile action game

fun to collaborate across the globe. best of all was that the producers had a clear vision for the character and provided links to help get the voice and character just right. highly recommend

Nov 21, 2018