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We create custom intelligent videos that inspire. We take topics, that are often times hard to explain, and make a simple video with drawn pictures and words.


Beth Deehan to Ydraw for Job #336026 Base Beauty

Jul 1, 2019


Bob Barnes to Ydraw for Job #271097 Builder Project - Plans Approved

Jun 21, 2019


Bob Barnes to Ydraw for Job #263943 Builder Project

Jun 21, 2019


Bob Barnes to Ydraw for Job #204111 COLA Video 2

Jun 21, 2019


Bob Barnes to Ydraw for Job #179207 Ydraw - Bernie

Jun 21, 2019


Rachel Esposti to Ydraw for Job #288606 Debtors Exchange

Mar 11, 2019


Juan Carlos Jaramillo R. to Ydraw for Job #324319 AfPA 37

Learning a lot about licenses with AfPA!!!
I will be here if you need me anytime :)

Juan Carlos Jaramillo R.
Voice - Jingles - Pro Audio

Feb 19, 2019


Luke Sizemore to Ydraw for Job #69244 Ipoque

Kristen was kind and professional to work alongside. I would work with Ydraw again.

Dec 17, 2018


Crystal Cohen to Ydraw for Job #288539 Looking for Oprah Voiceover!

I always appreciate the tone specific jobs as this one.Keeps me sharp and on my toes.It was a pleasure

Nov 16, 2018


Jackie Mahon to Ydraw for Job #304847 University of Notre Dame - Research

An outstanding client to work for. Would love to work for them again!

Oct 8, 2018

Internet Video

Doug Barron to Ydraw for Job #302614 Kodiak Rugged Outdoor

thanks so much.. i always love doing this type of character voice
Doug Barron

Sep 27, 2018


Jack Dundon to Ydraw for Job #294633 St. Pauls School

Great client. Easy to work with and communicated well. Would definitely work with again.

Sep 16, 2018


Maya Tuttle to Ydraw for Job #294620 Cute Older woman- dog owner!

Great to work with!

Jul 24, 2018


Rachael West to Ydraw for Job #274960 Looking for Successful, C-Suite Female who speaks with confidence and authority

Really great working with you, thank you!

Apr 16, 2018


Lisa Suliteanu to Ydraw for Job #267558 Flight Attendant- Upbeat, Friendly Voiceover Needed

Awesome working with you!

Mar 7, 2018


Dervla Trainor to Ydraw for Job #270528 Futuristic, Sexy, Female Gameshow Host

Professional, pleasant and easy to work with - It was a pleasure!

Feb 20, 2018


Cheryl Collins to Ydraw for Job #267898 Volunteers of America

Awesome project and client! Cannot wait to see the final result. Was a pleasure!

Jan 29, 2018


Elizabeth Tsong to Ydraw for Job #261252 High school aged/ Youthful Girl

That was a good campaign to work on! Thanks Kristen for picking me.

Dec 11, 2017


David Johnston to Ydraw for Job #257945 British Voice Needed!

Lovely client and a fun job!

Nov 10, 2017


Emily Gubler to Ydraw for Job #257559 Ford 1- REDO

As always, great working with you Kristen!

Oct 27, 2017