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Only a truly powerful story can transform your business message into an experience. We create videos and digital media - as well as provide media training sessions that work. In every sense of the word. Whether it's corporate communications, PR, marketing films or Internet videos. Started in 2005 by Kate Mistol and her husband Paul, our roots are in traditional television where we developed short, sophisticated news stories for CBC, CTV, NBC and ABC News. Our focus is to help our clients kick it up a gear. This is our strength. It's about far more than just a corporate video on DVD, a multimedia presentation or a webcast. We help you discover new ways to reach your audience, motivating them into action. We have expertise across multiple distribution mediums - broadcast, Internet, corporate venues, in-store and more. Corporations, PR firms and government agencies rely on Kicker for first class customer service and exceptional value. Our team has thousands of hours of broadcast television and non-broadcast corporate production experience. Why trust your next project to anyone else?

Internet Video

Candice Johnson to Kicker for Job #385740 Tech company corporate video

Apr 24, 2020

Internet Video

Brad Ziffer Productions, LLC to Kicker for Job #312434 Doomsday Bunker video

Wonderful collaboration! Looking forward to the next one! Thanks again!

Nov 8, 2019

Internet Video

Fernando Macias-Jimenez to Kicker for Job #343382 Spanish web video

Great to work with. Quick communication and concise direction!

Jul 19, 2019

Internet Video

Julie Jacobs to Kicker for Job #333911 Home Heating - Goldilocks & 3 bears

Easy to work with! Thanks!

May 9, 2019

Internet Video

Elizabeth Saydah to Kicker for Job #329504 Web Video HR

Great client - clear, communicative and easy to work with

Apr 15, 2019

Internet Video

Jim Merkel Voice Imaging to Kicker for Job #322638 Monitoring Software Video

Great working for you.

Apr 9, 2019

Internet Video

personal to Kicker for Job #329845 Spanish female voiceover

Happy to work with Kicker again! Great client:)

Apr 3, 2019

Internet Video

Dean James Voiceover to Kicker for Job #314357 web video for ioT product

Great to work with

Feb 20, 2019

Internet Video

personal to Kicker for Job #316827 Spanish web video

It was a pleasure working with Kicker! Very professional and warm team. Great client!

Feb 1, 2019

Internet Video

Buzz Blackburn to Kicker for Job #309457 Character voice for corporate web videos

Great time working with this client, outstanding experience!

Nov 16, 2018

Internet Video

Dean James Voiceover to Kicker for Job #305325 web video for ioT product

Really great to work with. Great process to get the job done right and timely for the client!

Oct 11, 2018

Internet Video

Bryan Gaines Voice Over to Kicker for Job #304659 Event promo web video

Paul is very talented and great at what he does. A real person who is a lot of fun to work with! Thanks for a great experience.

Oct 5, 2018

Internet Video

RW Talent LLC to Kicker for Job #248513 Police chatter - robbery in progress

Sep 21, 2017


Kiko Hdz - Voice Over to Kicker for Job #167097 Web App Video

Thanks Paul !

Nov 22, 2016

Internet Video

Maya Tuttle, Inc. to Kicker for Job #193013 Female Voiceover - Corporate Video

A pleasure to work with! Thanks!

Oct 26, 2016


Rebecca Page Voice to Kicker for Job #166863 Web video for renovation

Dec 15, 2015

Internet Video

Voice On The Run to Kicker for Job #121623 Web Video for Health

A pleasure to work with.

Jun 11, 2015

Internet Video

John Clayton to Kicker for Job #133896 Web Video - Home Construction

Did a quick turn on this! Fun stuff to work on! Client was super easy to work with!

Feb 26, 2015

Internet Video

Paul Nodine to Kicker for Job #131100 Web Video for Online Learning

Absolute Pleasure working with Paul, very clear, and quick to respond. Look forward to working with him again.

Feb 2, 2015

Internet Video to Kicker for Job #126749 Seeking asian accent for e-learning module

It was a pleasure to work with Paul. I just sent an uncompressed file of my original audition and the job was done! I hope to work with Paul again soon!

Dec 16, 2014