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At KORR™ Medical Technologies, we have applied years of respiratory research to take on the challenge of health and fitness. KORR™ makes it possible for practitioners to obtain an accurate measurement of an individual’s unique resting metabolic rate, considered by many to be the new “vital sign” for obesity treatment. Similarly, KORR™ puts the high tech training tools of VO2 Max and Anaerobic Threshold detection into the hands of fitness trainers at every level of expertise. The results of all tests are presented in a format that will help educate and motivate the client. At KORR™ we believe that for scientific data to be useful it must not only be accurate, but must be communicated in a manner that is both understood and accepted by the client. To learn more, visit

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Jennifer Wydra to KORR Medical Technologies, Inc. for Job #307937 RMR 2018 Pull-Through Video

It was a pleasure to work with Alison on the project. Great direction and positive tone throughout!

Oct 29, 2018