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Hi Llana,
Its Yoav from LoyalBlocks
Remember the VO you did for us?

We have another short video we'd like you to voiceover for us.


Beth Green to LoyalBlocks for Job #70551 Voiceover for software tutorial

Yoav was a dream to work with - his directions were crystal clear and it made the process speedy and fun! Continued prosperity in your business, Yoav!

Apr 9, 2017


Mel Gorsha to LoyalBlocks for Job #86053 Testimonial for Florist

Very patient and understanding, great direction! Would jump at the chance to work with again.

Oct 30, 2013


Jay Preston VO to LoyalBlocks for Job #86054 Testimonial for Pizza Restaurant

No complaints here. Very friendly!

Oct 7, 2013


Zack Taylor Voiceover Productions to LoyalBlocks for Job #86052 Testimonial for Salon


Oct 6, 2013


Tracy Parsons to LoyalBlocks for Job #64696 VoiceOver for short expanatory video

Enjoyed working with Yoav. Hope to do so again!

Oct 15, 2012

Internet Video

Llana Barron to LoyalBlocks for Job #51456 Voice over for short animation

Great client! Excellent communication, prompt payment.

Apr 24, 2012