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Mark Susan Phoenix, Arizona, US

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I'm a video producer & director working in Phoenix, Arizona. I've done branding, documentary & TV commercial work.

I've also eaten 107 chicken wings in an hour, cooked guest-chef nights in various restaurants, eaten another man's chest hair in a small bar in Prague, got interviewed holding a dripping wet cat after my house caught on fire... and haven't owned a TV for over 10 years.

- I like working with cool, fun, professional people
- I like helping & inspiring
- I like pastrami



Armando Zapata to Mark Susan for Job #352222 **Mexican/Spanish accent in US English for a Restaurant**

Thanks so much for being so great to work with, a total pleasure.

Dec 1, 2019


Rob Jellison Voiceovers to Mark Susan for Job #338488 How to spray stuff all over the place, step-by-step

Thanks again Mark, always great working with you! By the way, I can easily put down 35$ at Taco bell in 10 minutes.

May 31, 2019


Rob Jellison Voiceovers to Mark Susan for Job #299306 SGH - Who we are...

Mark is the man. Period. Thanks again, and my ear is feeling better!

Aug 10, 2018


Beth Green to Mark Susan for Job #263973 Re-do - HOORAY!!!

‘Twas Awesome Sauce to work with you again, Mark!!! Thank you!!

Feb 12, 2018


Rob Jellison Voiceovers to Mark Susan for Job #259856 Genwall - another VO gig for a short video on this construction product

GREAT guy to work with, and great at leaving honest reviews! Thanks again Mark.

Dec 4, 2017


Beth Green to Mark Susan for Job #258808 Really, extremely fascinating story about a doctor...

Thanks Mark!!! It's always a blast to work with your humorous self!!! I always appreciate your imaginative reviews! Best wishes for your continued success! I'm already looking forward to the next one! Thanks, again! ;-)))

Nov 6, 2017


Rob Jellison Voiceovers to Mark Susan for Job #248198 ** "Everyday Man" talks about an Architecural Product company **

I'm going to print out your review and hang it on my wall. Thanks for being so cool and professional. I hope I get to work with again in the future!

Aug 29, 2017


Beth Green to Mark Susan for Job #233426 Dolphin Party

Mark! Your reviews always make me hungry AND they make me laugh! It is always such a pleasure to work with you! Thank you for your extremely valuable feedback, and another precious opportunity to earn the trust of you and your clients. As always, I am very grateful!

In harmony,


May 12, 2017


Beth Green to Mark Susan for Job #228916 Bigger Diamonds lead to... Bigger Credit Card Bills... jk

Mark!! I had an absolute blast recording this project and working with you again! (I do have to say, though, that your reviews always make me hungry!!!) 'Continued best wishes with your business! Thank you for the excellent, specific direction and five-star feedback! As before, I am thrilled and so very grateful!

Apr 7, 2017


Beth Green to Mark Susan for Job #222340 The Power of Choice

It was great to work with you, Mark! I thoroughly enjoyed your feedback, positivity and humor along the way! I'm so thrilled that your clients were pleased, as they are my clients by proxy, because of your trust in me! Thanks for the privilege of awarding me this project! 'Best wishes for mountains of continued prosperity for your business!

Feb 24, 2017

Internet Video

Dick Terhune to Mark Susan for Job #136902 Scottish Jingle for a Bad-Ass Yogurt Spoon

Apr 13, 2016


TRAVIS TURK VOICE ACTOR to Mark Susan for Job #97900 Sierra Pointe Luxury Retirement Living - 25-Seconds of Warmth, Comfort & Confidence

Pleasure to work with.

Feb 28, 2014