Meredith Gonnason

Meredith Gonnason

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Synchrony Healthcare specializes in effective disease state and branded promotional campaigns and initiatives that integrate state-of-the-art medical and scientific knowledge with clinical best practices to ensure healthcare professionals and their patients have the information they need to have effective interactions and achieve desired outcomes.


Allyson Briggs to Meredith Gonnason for Job #346552 Disclaimer Read

It was a quick and easy process with clear direction - I look forward to working together again!

Jul 29, 2019


Tommy Griffiths Voice Production Services to Meredith Gonnason for Job #224259 Broadcast Intro Video

Communicative, easy-going, highly professional. Looking forward to the next one!

Tommy Griffiths

Apr 12, 2017

Internet Video to Meredith Gonnason for Job #164838 Registry Video

Great communication and direction!

Feb 14, 2016


DJR Voice Over to Meredith Gonnason for Job #171247 National Sales Meeting Video $300

Excellent working experience! Very professional!

Jan 26, 2016