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Synaptis offers customized software training that will ensure fast and easy results to every unique client’s challenge. We have worked with all shapes and sizes – from local businesses to worldwide corporations. Our training blends cutting edge web-based technology with the psychology of how people learn no matter who you are and where you are heading.

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Bob Taylor to Synaptis for Job #69206 Maxim Articulate Conversions

Great experience with this client.
No issues
Smooth operation

Aug 22, 2018


Barbara Hawkins to Synaptis for Job #72413 Problem Management

May 4, 2015


Barbara Hawkins to Synaptis for Job #66120 Remedy Knowledge Management

May 4, 2015


Justin Torres to Synaptis for Job #107756 ACT - Test Accomodations Course

Great job, a real test of skills. Also, such an amazing client. Would work with again in a second!

Sep 16, 2014


Angela DeNiro to Synaptis for Job #117243 FAMIS Training

Extremely professional and friendly, and an absolute pleasure to work with... Thank you Chris!

Sep 11, 2014


Amy Johnson to Synaptis for Job #115297 Emerson ERP Overview WBT

Great client to work with! Quick response to correspondence, clear instructions, professional and friendly. Looking forward to future projects!!

Sep 3, 2014


Rufus Hurt, Jr. to Synaptis for Job #92490 Chevron ITSM

It was a pleasure working with you Chris. Thanks!

Jan 13, 2014


David Kaplan to Synaptis for Job #69312 Maxim Articulate Conversion - Trade Compliance

A pleasure to work with.

Feb 5, 2013


Dean Wendt to Synaptis for Job #65648 How to use UPK

Thank you! Excellent working with you!

Jan 4, 2013


Bev Standing to Synaptis for Job #58966 ExxonMobil Lubricants

Nov 29, 2012


Tony Reeves to Synaptis for Job #32813 Travel Safety E-learn Course

Jun 18, 2012


Angela DeNiro to Synaptis for Job #52909 GE Training Kiosk

So wonderful to work with....thank you!

May 1, 2012


Darlene Allen to Synaptis for Job #49944 Chevron - Incident Management

Thanks, Jennifer. Glad I could work together with your team. Darlene

Apr 19, 2012


Angela DeNiro to Synaptis for Job #49921 Performance Mgmt Edits

Excellent communication, speedy turnaround...thank you so much!

Feb 14, 2012


Mariessa Jonasz to Synaptis for Job #45333 Social Media 101

Good working with you!

Dec 20, 2011


Danielle Fornes to Synaptis for Job #44542 ExxonMobil Entitlements eLearn Audio

Nov 15, 2011


Carlos Fernandez Villa to Synaptis for Job #40448 Mobil Premium PVL Product Offer- Spanish

Great experience!!! Direction was pretty clear. Looking forward to work together again.

Oct 24, 2011


Ray Kirstein to Synaptis for Job #42930 Project Costing System

A thoroughly professional experience from start to finish. Thank you for the opportunity!

Oct 11, 2011


Kim Somers to Synaptis for Job #35637 Quote to Agreement eLearn Course

Great working with you. Call anytime :)

Jul 30, 2011


Albert Hensley to Synaptis for Job #36622 Sales History

Jul 13, 2011