Peter Seybold

Toronto, Ontario, CA

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GORDON GIBB to Peter Seybold for Job #37330 Utility Video

Mr. Seybold and I collaborated, on behalf of his agency, on a project for which I would not be used in the long run...but not without considerable effort on both sides. In the end, there seemed to be a bit of disconnect between what the client was trying to achieve and what I was asked to do, which I don't believe was Mr. Seybold's doing. It is not often that a project has to be abandoned in favor of another talent in spite of my, and Mr. Seybold's best efforts...and in the end I was paid for the session anyway. Communication was prompt, efficient and always professional. I must tell you that Mr. Seybold was also very patient in waiting hours for a WAV file to be uploaded via dial-up, a painful process indeed. I would welcome the opportunity to work with Mr. Seybold and the agency he represents again, if given the opportunity.

Jan 20, 2012