Robert Ehrlich

George Mason University

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Robert Ehrlich is a Physics professor at George Mason University . In his spare time, he is hopelessly addicted to the game of Go, and is faculty advisor to the GMU Go Club.


Ihrig Sound File to George Mason University for Job #64116 Einstein video

This was a fun project as Robert had me portray Herr Professor Einstein. The animators were fantastic. I hope to work with him again if he needs me. It turns out the grandson of a friend may be one of his students at George Mason U. Still researching that. Thanks Robert.

Mar 8, 2013


Hettie Lynne Hurtes to George Mason University for Job #20846 Green_jobs_video

Enjoyed the experience. Good direction and excellent communication.

Jun 23, 2010


Therisa Bennett to George Mason University for Job #18896 recruiting video

Fun creative script, great communication and direction! Thank You!

Feb 17, 2010