Rick Amundson

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I've been in the entertainment industry since 1984 working as an actor, dancer, director, cinematographer, editor, colorist, and producer. For the past 12 years I have been working at Screenscape Studios as a Director/DP. In my free time I volunteer for ChildVoice, helping with their communications.

ChildVoice International is a non-profit organization seeking to restore the voices of children silenced by war. ChildVoice acts on the conviction that children broken by war can be restored in safe communities with loving care, spiritual and emotional counseling, and effective education and vocational training. ChildVoice runs a therapeutic community in Northern Uganda and focuses it's work on young mothers and their children.

Internet Video

Pascal D'Sanchez to ChildVoice International for Job #102258 Walk A Mile Promotional Video

Rick Amundson was really great to work for. Rick gave clear instructions and detailed advice. It was a true honour to work on such an emotive project.

Mar 29, 2014