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Audissey Media creates mobile tour guides for cool places - museums, cities, parks and historic sites.

We use audio & video, iphone apps and iPods to get a new generation of travelers to your destination.

This is where technology and education unite.


Becky Lynn to Audissey Media for Job #60540 Audio Tour Voiceover for Historic Mansion

wonderful to work with!

Aug 29, 2013


Rain Voiceovers to Audissey Media for Job #74615 Pequot Museum Audio Tour

Great working with you on this. I really enjoyed the session!

Apr 15, 2013


Avatar Audio LLC to Audissey Media for Job #68249 Harriet Tubman Audio Tour

Wonderful booking experience! Robert knew exactly what he wanted and went the extra mile for me and the client.

Apr 13, 2013


Voice Slinger Studio to Audissey Media for Job #72778 Young African American male

it was a real pleasure to workwith Robert, who is friendly and professional. He gladly provided help with character developement and was great at direction and communication. I will be very happy to work with Rob on any future project.

Mar 20, 2013


Kara Angus to Audissey Media for Job #68882 African-American Voiceover

Script was excellent! Was thrilled to be a part of such a neat project!

Mar 6, 2013


Lani Minella to Audissey Media for Job #72240 Young African American female

Always nice to work with a client with a good vision, excellent communication skills and a great personality! Thanks!

Mar 4, 2013


The Burgundy Voice, LLC to Audissey Media for Job #72243 Older African-American voice needed

Robert was a pleasure to work with and clear direction given. Highly recommended!

Mar 4, 2013


Tim Simmons to Audissey Media for Job #72241 Middle-aged African American needed

Good client, clear direction, no problems!

Mar 3, 2013


Casey Lowell Studios to Audissey Media for Job #41626 Female African-American voiceover needed

Sep 18, 2012


Judy Greenberg to Audissey Media for Job #46728 "Masters of Stained Glass" - Short Documentary Narration

Jan 20, 2012


Stewart McGregor Cook to Audissey Media for Job #26990 Southern Male Voice needed

Robert was a great client. I appreciated in particular the detail of his script and vocal directions. The obvious thought he had put into the project made my task much easier. Highly recommended.

Oct 24, 2010