James Dean

Wanderer -Auckland, Auckland, NZ

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Big Guy Voice to Wanderer for Job #426291 Mayan Warrior - Babjide (The Tank)

They let me know what they wanted and how they wanted it done, and I'd be happy to work with them again if asked.

Nov 23, 2020


Michael Ursu to Wanderer for Job #427652 Mayan Soldier

Professional and a pleasure to work with

Nov 18, 2020


Cricket Sound to Wanderer for Job #426292 Mayan Warrior - Horado (The Infiltrator)

James and the team are top notch, with clear vision and clear direction. Let's do it again sometime!

Nov 18, 2020


Paul Rogan to Wanderer for Job #421571 German Scientist - Circa 1940s

Thanks James and Wanderer!

Nov 10, 2020


Ian Russell to Wanderer for Job #413486 Musician Guitarist - Woodstock 1969

The team were great. As an actor, receiving clear direction helps so much. Thanks

Sep 13, 2020


SoundsFine NZ Ltd to Wanderer for Job #412830 Yucatec Deity

A pleasure working with you ... all round. Thanks

Sep 9, 2020


Vincent Melamed to Wanderer for Job #412280 Yucatec Mayan Preist - Circa 500AD UPDATED

Great folks to work with.... THANKS

Sep 8, 2020


Vincent Melamed to Wanderer for Job #405750 Yurei - Japanese Servant (Circa 1600AD)

These guys were great...THANKS!

Aug 7, 2020


JOY VANDERVORT-COBB to Wanderer for Job #398351 The Matriarch - Wanderer Time travel Adventure

This was my first time voicing a video game character and all involved were an absolute joy to work with. If James Dean is on the team, I want in!!!

Jul 13, 2020


Elizabeth Saydah to Wanderer for Job #398527 Amelia Earhart - Wanderer Time travel Adventure

James and team were really a joy to work with - much appreciated!

Jun 30, 2020


Buckeye Media Services to Wanderer for Job #363635 VR Time Travel Adventure

Very easy to work with, FUN project. Provided great direction for character.

Jan 3, 2020


Weber Consulting Ltd. to Wanderer for Job #363637 VR Time Travel Adventure

Wonderful to work with! Fun scripts, excellent direction, efficient and professional. You guys are amazing. = )

Dec 18, 2019


to Wanderer for Job #366843 UK Bassplayer 1969

Fantastic directed session and swift release of payment. Couldn't endorse these chaps more heartily.

Dec 13, 2019