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In the world of converging media, Al Wafa Media Production (AMP) converges talent.
We are Producers, directors, editors & designers.
We are a collaborative culture, united by experience, skill and a proven
track record of world-class quality. Established in 1989, AMP started as a major producer of television programs for Saudi and GCC TV Stations. Today AMP has expanded its operations into Industrial Programs, Documentaries, TV Commercials and professional Photography. AMP is dealing and representing major TV stations and other broadcast agencies in the business.


Ma Xiao Studio to amp for Job #154572 pr- Chinese

Great Client! Thank you for your job offering! I hope we can work together again in the future.

Sep 12, 2015


Voice On The Run to amp for Job #80805 Kayan- AMP

A pleasure to work with.

Sep 3, 2013


Charlotte Ann to amp for Job #59022 DSCO-AMP

Great email communication. Easy to work with! Hope to work with Zaki again!

Jul 9, 2012


Ray Grover Audio Projects to amp for Job #6895 YR Safety

Thanks for choosing me for your job. Nice people!

Feb 12, 2012


Joy Lyn Shaw VO, LLC to amp for Job #9421 DVP

Aug 2, 2011

Documentaries to amp for Job #19535 ngl

I had the pleasure of working with Zaki Gasem from NGL. The expectations were clear, the process was expedited and the whole job from beginning to end was an excellent experience.
Bill Hunt

Mar 25, 2010


Bobbin Beam - Voice Actress Female Voice Talent to amp for Job #11159 Onland rig

We worked together very well, and maintained email communication throughout the process, which is very important when working with an overseas client. Thank you for your business!

Jun 2, 2009


Doug Barron to amp for Job #5598 Unicoil


May 2, 2008


Joy Lyn Shaw VO, LLC to amp for Job #6817 PN5

Thanks for making my job enjoyable! It's been a pleasure.

Apr 9, 2008