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Girl Next Door Valley Girl Attractive Husky Narrator Playful Softspoken Sultry Warm Youthful North American

English (North American)
Voice Age
Young Adult

A girl in her twenties describes a sexual encounter with her man.

He got home around midnight. I was barely awake, buzzed, and naked, watching TV. “CUDDLE ME!” I demanded. He pretended to be reluctant, climbing into bed with me. We cuddled, which turned into nuzzling, when then turned into kissing. Kissing is my weakness. As soon as I get a good, long kiss, I’m wet and practically begging to fuck. But I wanted to tease myself, to tease him…So we kissed for awhile. I leaned on my elbow and came close to brushing my thigh against his dick, but I didn’t, just to torture him. We kissed…

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