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Ben Carter

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

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Ben Carter

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Ben Carter

  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US

Ben Carter – Evil, Hideous Character

Characters Ghoul Goblin Igor Mad Scientist Aggressive Brooding Cartoon Crackly Crazy Creepy Demonic Eccentric Evil Villainous North American US General American (GenAm)

English (North American)
Voice Age

abrasive, abrupt, absurd, aggressive, angry, antagonistic, bad person, bellicose, belligerent, bizarre, cartoon character, combative, crackly, crazy, creepy, dangerous, dark, deformed, degenerate, demon, demonic, despicable, devil, different, disfigured, disgusting, eccentric, evil, fantastical, fantasy, fiend, freak, freakish, frightening, ghoul, ghoulish, gross, grotesque, harsh, heinous, hideous, horrific, hostile, male, man, mean, menacing, miserable, monster, monstrous, mutant, mythical creature, mythological creature, nasty, nefarious, odd, offbeat, ogre, ominous, peculiar, pugnacious, quirky, raspy, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, ridiculous, scary, sick, sinister, sleazy, spooky, strange, troll, ugly, unsightly, unusual, vile, villainous, villain, wacky, weird, wicked, wretched, zany, kook, nutty, animated character, folklore, legend, lore, myth, mythology, folktale, fable, supernatural, horror, ghost, Halloween, video game character, videogame character, apparition, bogeyman, bogie man, familiar spirit, materialization, phantasm, fantasm, phantom, poltergeist, shade, specter, spectre, evil spirit, spook, sprite, visitant, wraith, dead person, graveyard, grave yard, haunted house, corpse, dead body, dregs of society, nightmare, incubus, goblin, misshapen, manlike being, dwarf, elf, gnome, imaginary creature, gremlin, hobgoblin, imaginary being, magical powers, magical creature, leprechaun, imp, fright, monstrosity, Grim Reaper, Igor, Ygor, hunchbacked, hunchback assistant, lab assistant, possessed, Amino X commercial, AminoX commercial, Amino X spot, AminoX spot, Amino X ad, AminoX ad, if sleep is the cousin of death, then fatigue is her twin sister, failure is imminent

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