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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT (British)
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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT...

Santa Barbara, California, US

Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT (British) Banner
Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT (British)

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Louise Samuels - NATIVE BRIT (British)

  Santa Barbara, California, US

Fun, Friendly and Upbeat Explainer Video - For a Scientific Research Platform - BRITISH ACCENT [RP, BBC]. - Conversational; Authentic; Attractive; Lightly Sarcastic; Positive.

Narrator Scientist Articulate Attractive Authentic Conversational Engaging Friendly Funny Narrator Sarcastic Technical British England - Received Pronunciation (RP, BBC)

Internet Video
English (British)
Voice Age
Middle Aged

My Voice-Over for a new platform called 'protocols . io' that enables scientists and researchers to both work on, update and share their scientific knowledge, discoveries and information, in a straightforward and easy way. [This product actually sounds totally great!]
[FULL audio taken from JOB inc. background music and FX. Aired/Released over the Internet, on company websites and associated platforms: Mid-October 2016.

British Accent
English Accent
Genuine British
Genuine British Accent
Authentic British Accent
British Woman
British Female
English Woman
Authentic British
Authentic English
Authentic English Accent
British Commercial
Commercial British
Commercial Female
Female Commercial
UK Actor
Trained Actor

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