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N. Acker Animation/character demo long version

Cowboy Drill Sergeant Crazy Creepy Dangerous Deadpan Deep Indian (India) North American

English (North American)

This is the long version of an animation and character demo with 27 original characters and dozens of international and regional accent/dialects. There are also a number of animal sounds as well. Included are: Super Hero, Russian Mobster, Italian/New York Mobster, Elderly NY/Jewish Woman, Western (Andy Devine/Walter Brennan), Creepy Villain, Mad Scientist, Pirate, Elderly RAF Pilot, Effeminent Nazi, Drill Sargent, Samurai, Cajun, New England, South Africa, Irish, Movie Trailer, Surfer Dude, Australian, Indian, Cockney (two versions), Jamaican, Cuban Dog, Chicano Gangster and Southern Mountain Man

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