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In this brief tutorial, you'll learn how to post a job to receive sample voice recordings and price quotes from a variety of voice talents who are featured at this website. OK, let's get started!

Post Your Job Free

You can find voice talents quickly by clicking "Post a job" Posting your job is as easy as entering a few project details. If you have a question, you can call us toll-free at 1-888-359-3472, send us an email or chat online. We're here to help!

View Responses

Within the hour, check back to view responses by clicking on your Responses link. You can listen to MP3 samples and even compare quotes for your project all on one page.

Award Your Job

Once you have found the best candidate, award your job by clicking "Award Job". Next, you will be directed to send payment by credit card with our SurePay Escrow service. SurePay is an escrow service that holds your deposit in a neutral bank account that only releases payment once you have downloaded the files and accepted the work as complete.

Send Final Script

Confirm the material to be recorded by either using the script attached to your original job posting or attach a new script.

Download Your Files

Your voice talent will record your script in their professional recording studio. Many voice talents use industry-standard software such as ProTools, Adobe Audition or Audacity. You'll receive an email inviting you to download your files.

Release Payment

You're last step is to release the funds that are currently being held in's secure escrow account. Once you're happy with the work and are ready to pay the talent, visit the "Payments" page and simply click "Release Funds" to send payment directly to the voice talent.

Give and Received Feedback

To complete this business transaction, you'll have an opportunity to leave a feedback about your experience working with the talent you hired at Feedback consists of a five star rating and a brief review, providing further details to support your star rating.


You've successfully hired a professional voice over talent. You've now experienced working with some of the best voice talent in the world, completed your job quickly, and with the security of knowing your payment was safe and that the files will be delivered using the award-winning web service.

Get Started Today!

If you came to this website with the goal of finding the perfect voice and getting your project completed on time and within your budget, this is an incredible opportunity you shouldn't pass up. Get started at today.

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