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If you’ve worked with a particular voice over talent in the past and would like to work with them again, you can do so in four ways:

  1. from the My Previously Hired Talent widget in My Home;
  2. from the Me dropdown;
  3. from Past Jobs, and;
  4. directly from the Talent profile.


Previously Hired Talent 


The fastest way to find talent you or your team has worked with previously is via the My Home screen when you log into Voices. By scrolling down slightly, you’ll find the “Recently Hired Voice Actors” widget, showing the five talent you’ve worked with most recently. Clicking “View All” takes you to the Hired Voice Talent page, displaying a list of all the talent your team has worked with, as well as:

  • the talent’s name, profile picture, and review score;
  • the job name, and; 
  • and the date you hired them.

From here, you can invite them to a new or open job (i.e. in the Hiring stage) by clicking the “Invite to Job” button. You can also access this page by hovering over your profile icon (“Me”) and clicking “Hired Voice Actors”.

Me Dropdown


By hovering over your avatar in the top navigation bar, you'll be given a list of options to navigate around Voices. The 'Previously Hired Talent' option will take you to a new page listing all of the talent you've worked with previously. 


Past Jobs


You can also find talent you’ve hired by going to the job you worked with them on, and scrolling down to the “Hired Talent” section. 

Alternatively, by going to the “Responses” tab, you’ll see the talent you hired at the top of the list with the option to rehire them via the “Rehire” button.

Talent Profile

If you know the name of the particular talent you want to work with again, you can go directly to their profile page and review the “You’ve Worked Together Previously” widget, highlighting the job and hire date of the project you last worked together on. From there you can click into the job to review additional information if needed before rehiring. 

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