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An overview of how jobs happen on the world's largest voice over marketplace.

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Marketplace Overview is an online marketplace that connects buyers of voice over with over 200,000 voice talent. When a job is posted on, talent send an audition and an estimated quote to complete the work. Clients can then listen to the auditions, select their preferred talent and begin work on the job.


Post a Job

Posting a job on is always free. Start by telling us about your project and desired vocal qualities with as much or little detail as you’d like. You’ll then receive custom auditions from qualified voice talent, often in less than an hour.

Free to post
Auto matched with talent

Select Your Voice Actor

Our VoiceMatch™ algorithm will match your job to only the most qualified voice talent. Listen to custom auditions to find your perfect voice, then select and hire your preferred talent.’s features allow you to set deadlines, message talent, and work through revisions efficiently and effectively.

Custom auditions
Private messaging

Download Your Files

Depending on the complexity of your job you can receive your final audio files in as little as a day. Securely download your files in the click of a button straight from our platform. With our SurePay™ technology you only release payment after your final files have been approved.

Guaranteed satisfaction
Secure file download
Protected payment

Product Features

Unlimited Free Job Postings

Posting a job is always free on Get started by telling us about your project and desired vocal qualities.

Auto Match with Talent

Our proprietary VoiceMatch algorithm will automatically match your job with the most qualified voice talent.

Private Messaging

Secure private messaging allows for seamless communication on jobs, unlocking ultimate creative direction.

Protected Payment

Get guaranteed satisfaction with our SurePay™ technology. Payment is only released after final files have been approved.

How Much Will My Voice Over Cost

Creating an account and posting a job on is free. Voice over costs vary depending on the type of project you’re working on, and the actor you select.

In your job posting, you will specify your budget.

Then, voice talent will give you a quote along with their audition.

Your total includes the actor's fee and the processing fee.

Talent Fee

The talent fee is the amount that the voice actor quoted and will be paid when your project is complete. Learn more

Processing Fee

The Processing Fee is 3%, which is added to the talent fee. Learn more

Professional Services

If your project is complex, or you simply don’t have the time, offers Professional Services and we'll complete the project for you:

Source the most qualified voice talent
Coordinate all project details with the various stakeholders
Support with NDAs, contracts, and other legal or vendor requirements
Manage translation and localization

Give us a call toll free at 1-888-359-3472 to speak with one of our experts.