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“I’ve been working with Voices since 2012, and it has been an awesome experience. Every year they expand and grow and bring me new tools and tips for growing my client list and assist in bringing me work.”

Meesah K.

“I feel so well supported by Voices. This company is super professional and it’s such a pleasure to work with these kind people in any sector of this company. I don’t have enough kind words to say about this organization.”

Matthias L.

“Voices is a great place to highlight your talents to clients, and it’s easy to navigate. Whether you have another job, or this is the one you do, there is always an opportunity to respond to.”

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Voices is Your Source for Online Ad Voice Over Jobs

Voices is an online marketplace that simplifies the process of connecting voice actors to the right projects. Businesses, educators, marketers, and producers can find the right voice actor for their projects by searching profiles filtered by accent, location, and demos. 

Similarly, voice actors can scroll through job listings to find jobs that suit their vocal style, or get invitations to voice over jobs that match their skillset direct to their inbox. 

How To Get a Job for an Online Ad

Voice actors wondering how to get a voice over job for an online ad don’t have to worry about casting a net and using precious time to find work. On our platform, you can create a profile for free. Each profile is search-optimized so you’ll appear when your skills match what clients are looking for.

Voices allows you to upload unlimited demos so businesses and producers can hear your voice and determine if you’re suitable for the job. In addition to examples, your profile includes your work history, client list, and testimonials from past jobs.

Businesses and producers can check out your demos and invite you to a job once you complete a free profile. Voice over actors with Premium memberships receive invitations for available jobs to streamline the process of finding work.

Clients can hire you based on demos or ask for auditions. You have a chance to review the job details to ensure it suits your voice over style and fits in your schedule. 

Pay rates vary depending on the type of work you do. 

The payment process through Voices is simple and doesn’t require you to spend time creating an invoice or tracking down a client. Clients pay when they post their job, and we securely hold the funds in SurePay, our payment protection service, until you complete the job. You then get the money in your PayPal account—and we cover the fees.

Skills Needed for Online Ad Voice Over Jobs

Your Voices profile can include as much information as you want to share. To show that you’re the right person for the job, highlight relevant voice over skills, including:

  • Accents you can use
  • Languages you speak
  • Technical experience with audio equipment
  • Previous voice over, acting, and public speaking experience

Ensure you have the right recording equipment to deliver top-notch footage to the client. You can work from your home or a professional studio if you have access. However, you want the skills necessary to record and edit clips to deliver what the client needs.

Your Voices profile will showcase all your skills and a description of yourself and your work background. After you complete a few jobs, potential clients can also see feedback about your work on the platform. While you should keep your profile professional, showcasing your personality will help you find the right voice over outlets.

The Latest in the Online Ad Industry: What’s Special About Online Ad Jobs?

Online ads have changed from static banner ads in website headers and footers to more engaging video ads. Companies now use Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to ensure their marketing materials reach the ideal potential customer. They can also insert ads into podcasts, YouTube videos, and streaming content to access more listeners. To best communicate with their intended audience, marketers hire voice over actors that can add personality and enthusiasm to an ad.

Online ads allow people to reach a global audience. Video content with voice over tracks grabs attention and inspires users to stop scrolling and let the ad play, increasing potential customers and profits. The company can track the metrics like viewing time and click-throughs in real-time, which helps them pivot for future ad campaigns.

Who Hires Online Ad Voice Over Talent?

Since online advertising is a rapidly growing industry, there are always new voice over work opportunities. Many different segments of the market hire online ad voice actors, such as:

  • Advertising agencies that create content for their business clients
  • Production companies that produce the final online ads
  • Businesses that manage marketing themselves
  • Elearning companies that need voice overs for instructional ads

Using voice over for online ads helps businesses tell more about their services and products than images and video alone. Having an audio track also makes content more accessible for vision-impaired users because they can hear all the information needed to decide to use the company.

Companies can use these ads to stand alone on social media or insert them in front of pre-recorded content for YouTube and TikTok. Businesses also use audio ads on streaming services like Pandora, Soundcloud, and Spotify.

How Voices Can Help You Get an Online Ad Job

Voices gives you a chance to find countless online ads jobs. Increase your chances of finding steady work and building a reputation on our platform. Sign up for an account for free today to see what jobs Voices offers.

You’ll appreciate how our marketplace allows you to host testimonials and demos and eliminates the need to host a professional website. You can use Voices as your online portal for voice over work and find plenty of opportunities to record online ads and have fun doing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online ads come in a number of formats, including pre-roll video ads which are five to 10 seconds in length, skippable and non-skippable YouTube ads, social media ads that you'd see on TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, and online audio ads that you might hear while listening to music or podcasts on Spotify or Pandora.

The average online ad voice over job ranges from $350 to $1,125 and can vary based on where the online ad will run, its duration, and the experience level of the voice actor. Visit the full Voice Over Rate Guide to learn more.