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Course explaining legal guardianship or conservatorship for court approved/to be approved individuals.

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there are many different situations in which an adult may show a need for help in handling his or her affairs. An elderly man's memory may be failing. A woman may be unable to handle her financial affairs because she is suffering from injuries from a car accident. An adult child with down syndrome may lack the developmental skills to live independently in situations like these ah, legal guardian or conservator. Maybe a solution for meeting the person's needs in this course will discuss what guardianship and conservatorship involved. We will provide an overview of the legal nature of these roles. We will present information to help you decide whether to seek a guardianship or conservatorship. We will guide you through the court process, and we will discuss the ongoing duties and responsibilities of a guardian or conservator. We are only discussing guardianship for adults, not for minor Children. However, the information may apply to Children with disabilities who will be turning 18 and be considered adults