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An introduction to a website for those preparing for their US national board dental exams

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Hi and welcome to International Dentist, the number one resource for international dentists to prepare for their U. S National Board Dental examinations. Below you will find a list of individual course lessons to choose from with pricing options for one month, three months and six months access at the bottom of each course. You will also find a bundle package option toe access to all lessons within the course for a discounted price. Once you have added the lessons you wish to access to your cart, click the in cart link or scroll to the top of the page and click the cart icon to complete the check out process. During the check out, you will be required to create an account to become a member. After completing your payment, simply return to this course page and you'll see a watch video and download pdf button beside each lesson you have purchased access to. You can also log in at any time via the log in form at the top right of the page with the email address and password you entered at the check out. After downloading the pdf to assist your learning, click the watch video button tow. Launch the lesson video. You can also test your knowledge at any time by taking a quiz found at the bottom of each list. Of course, quizzes are only available toe logged in members. Here is a short example clip from one of our course lessons. You may also like to consider reading our exclusive E book for all the steps required to successfully apply for your U. S. National board, dental examination and much more. These courses have been designed for students to follow along with dental decks comprehensive flashcards. So if you don't have a set yet, simply visit their website to place an order. Thank you for considering international dentist to prepare you for your U. S National board dental examination.