DEMYSTIFIED (Britannica)- Turtle v. Tortoise

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you probably have at least a vague notion that turtles and tortoises are different. Somehow they look pretty similar, but the turtle and the hare just sounds wrong, doesn't it? What exactly is the difference between a turtle and tortoise? Well, the definition convey vary depending on who you talk to. But today we usually say that a tortoise is actually a kind of turtle, so you can say that all tortoises or turtles, but not all turtles are tortoises. So what makes a tortoise? The tortoise tortoises are exclusively land animals. Most other turtles live in the water much of the time, but not tortoises. They only get near water to drink or bathe, but many turtles come on land from time to time. If you encounter a turtle on land, how do you know if it's a tortoise or not? Tortoises look very much like other turtles at first glance. Like other turtles, they have a bony shell that's connected to their rib cage and spine there, usually green or brown and covered in scales. But there are ways to tell the difference. Aquatic turtles are adapted for life in the water. Some sea turtles have flippers. Other aquatic turtles have webbed toes that work on both land and sea. Tortoises, on the other hand, are evolved for walking on the land. They have pillar like hind legs that aren't much good for swimming but are perfect for walking. They look a little bit like an elephant's legs but shrunk down attack. At this point, we should probably mention that you definitely should not go around picking up wild turtles to examine their legs. You could hurt them. They could hurt you. It's just not a good idea. One other thing that distinguishes tortoises is their diet. Other turtles air generally Omnivores. They'll eat both plants and other animals if they get the chance. Tortoises, on the other hand, are mostly vegetarians. Maybe that's why that tortoise was able to beat that hair healthy living. So now you know that tortoises are a kind of turtle that lives on land and how to identify them should you come across them. But we'll leave it up to you to figure out what a Terrapin is