Terrence Miller- David Attenborough Tribute

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A tribute to the wonderful narration style of David Attenborough.

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our earth is the only known planet that sustains life, and it does so in abundance. I have been fortunate enough over the years to travel to some of the most extraordinary and remote places on earth to find and film animals. This is the biggest flower in the world, the blue whale. It's the biggest creature that exists on the planet. The sheer number and variety of animals and plants is astonishing. Estimates of The numbers of different species vary from six million to 100 million. Nobody knows exactly how many different kinds of animals there are here, wherever you look, there's life. There are often a multitude of variations on a single pattern. Nearly 200 different kinds of monkeys, for example, and 315 hummingbirds, nearly 1000 bats and beetles, at least 350,000 species of them, not to mention a quarter of a million different kinds of flowering plants. The variety is astounding.