Health choices; a short story for kids to enhance the healthy requirem



Healthy choices is a passage which supports the food healthy requirements for kids, and encourage them to make their own healthy choices while preparing their meals.

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Child (5-12)


North American (General)


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healthy choices. It's important to make healthy choices and care for your body. Drink of water is a healthy choice. Your body needs a lot of water, eaten different healthy food, healthy foods helps your body grow and stay strong and then a strong, strong. It's important, important and important, important and it's important. Important of the professional actor um important. It's important to eat healthy snacks that provide energy for your body and mind. Many foods taste good, but the orange so good for your for you to eat all the time. But but but foods with a lot of sugar, salt and fat are into healthy choices for your body. How can you tell if the food is a healthy choice? The labels on some food package tell you if the food is a healthy choice, washing your hands, helps you stay healthy and help us to prevent you from getting sick, cleaning and caring for your teeth is important. You can care for your teeth by brushing every day, exercising eating healthy food and drink water helps your body grow, washing your hands and brushing your teeth or healthy choices. Making healthy choices is good for your body and mind what healthy choices do you make