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Narrative reel

Voice Over • Television Ad


It was a very fun experience to record the Narrative reel, playing with pitches, tones and cadence.

Vocal Characteristics


English (British)

Voice Age

Young Adult (18-35)


Note: Transcripts are generated using speech recognition software and may contain errors.
little Tommy always knew his big brother would take care of him. He followed him everywhere. Careful, Tommy, he said as Tommy walked towards the street. Not that way, Tommy, he yelled as Tommy wandered away from his mom. But one day, Tommy decided he needed an adventure. Decision making based on your values is fundamental. If you want to become the U of your dreams, think about how many tiny decisions you make in a day. Coffee or tea, snooze button or yoga? What order do you tick things off your to do list? Do you start with the ones you're most excited to do and then not get to the necessary but annoying things because you're too tired? Later in the day, slowly, slowly, without making a sound banker, the dogs stepped onto the porch of her new home. She'd never seen a house like this before. The porch was much bigger than the last one. Maybe the rope will be longer, too, she thought she sat down, but her new human opened the door and yelled, Come on, banker inside. She wants me to go inside, but I've never been inside, so she got to the door sniffed, smiled and then walked into her new life. For me, the science fair was always the biggest event of the year. I just loved all the research, the plans, the experiments, buying all of the materials, staying at school until eight PM to be sure that the display was an exact balance of I'm super intelligent and look at me. So it's no surprise I ended up here. NASA was always my only real option.