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3 character dialogue. Youth Male, Adult Male, Adult Female. Castle and his coach try to convince his mother to let him run on the track team.

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Teen (13-17)


North American (General) North American (South West - Texas) North American (US General American - GenAM) US African American


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coach pulled to the side of the street and I rolled down the window. Ma, I called out waving tour. She looked, then looked again, trying to make sure I was who she thought I was. CASS, She said, Approaching cab. What are you doing in a cab matter effect? What are you doing in the front seat of a cab? No answer. The first question. What are you doing in the cab? Hoppin? I said no, You have out to apply. Ma, ma'am. Coach leaned over so she could see him. It's fine. How been? I'm just giving him a ride home. Then he added on the house, co swiped everything on the back seat to one side. As I reached back and open the door, my mother stood outside the car for what seemed like minutes before deciding to climb in. And even after she did, she kept the door open, one foot still on the sidewalk so she could jump back out if she needed to. Her bag, which I knew was full of Styrofoam containers of chicken and gravy or whatever gross but free meal we were gonna be having for dinner crunched on the seat beside her as she finally pulled her leg in and closed the door. How was work? I asked his coach pulled back into the street. CASS, don't. How was work me? Why are you in a cab? And excuse me, sir? No offense, but who are you? She asked. Told you moms don't trust nobody around their kids. Coach adjusted the rear view mirror so he could see my mother in the back. I'm Coach Brody, but everybody calls me coach. I run the defender City track team. Uh huh. And And your son came and ah, sat in on my practice today. Coach, Through a quick glance at me. Did you know he could run? Did I know he could run? She was sitting directly behind me, but I could still feel the heat of her eyes burning through the headrest scores in the back of my neck. Yeah, you can run, like, really run. My mother just sort of grunted. I knew better than to say anything or to even turn around and look back at it. I just said the coach make this left. When we got close to my street, coach made the left and continued and I think he's got potential. With the proper coaching, he could be a serious problem. I felt like I had seen this in every single sports movie I had ever watched. All of them, Ma'am, your son has potential. If this went like the movies, I was either going to score the game winning touchdown, which is impossible in track or die, sir. I appreciate that. But let me tell you something. Cast already is a serious problem, my mom explained, and right now he needs to focus on school, not sports right here. A murmur to let coach know where to stop and let us out. I figured there was no reason to drag the conversation out. It went exactly like I thought it would, so I wasn't really even mad about it. He cut his blinker on, pulled over and put the car in park. Listen, coach turned around to look my mother in the face. I totally get that, But what if I made you a deal? He went on. If he messes up in school one time, he's off the team. One time I squawked. Once I'm coach, held his hand out to my mother I kept my eyes forward until I heard her excel the breath of a long day. You're going to get him home every day? She asked. Yes. What about his homework? It'll be done. He sounded pretty confident for not even know me like that. Coach Gate was both one of his cards. I put mine in my backpack while my gaze did hers, making sure everything was legit. Then she let out another big sigh this time probably the breath of a worried mom. Well, at least I know where he'll be after school. She gave in and that was it. Just like that. For the first time in my whole life, I was on a team.