An Array of Varied Character Voices! Short Edition

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Young Adult (18-35)


Australian North American (General)


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Erin Gray. Yo, what's up? My name is Lenny. I've been like best buds with Ben since I was a larva. Oh, my weaknesses. Well, I kind of spring these leaks whenever I get nervous. You boys ever heard of Makoko? We'll get 30 cards each. Each card has an animal on it. Dolphins goods next, battleships a neutral. But if you got all sheep, that's great unless one of the sheep is upside down. In which case that's so, so bad. And that's why you gotta be sure that your sheep is not a snake dressed up like a sheep. Drop a beat, Hugo. Yeah, Too late. The moments gone. It was a huge black panther with crazy yellow eyes and razor sharp teeth. No, this is not like the cactus man, but it's really this time due to some bad judgment and little too much whiskey. I'm locked in a bunker with a computer that only wants to talk about feelings, and I missed the damn apocalypse. It certainly doesn't hurt that I am quite the buff physical specimen muscles. Would you like to see me bench press a cow? It burns me that we must be enemies that I must grind you into dust. What Such is the eternal battle off. Good verses. Evil. Let's have a look at some real live monkeys in action. Amanda! Kiki. Randy. Breakfast. Oh, good. Sweet galloping guerrillas. My monkeys air on the lease.