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Hello and welcome to then charts Podcast Zen charges a cloud based electronic health record system for the behavioral health care industry. In this episode, we'll explore electronic health record software in practice efficiency through the use of electronic health record or E H. R Software. You'll find it possible to both reduce airs and improve patient outcomes. While both of these things are important, behavioral health providers shouldn't overlook the ways in which electronic health records can boost efficiency. I'm just going to rattle off some key statistics provided by a health i t dot gov survey of doctors. 79% providers report using electronic health records allows their practice to operate more efficiently. 82% report that using electronic prescriptions saves time and 70% reported improvement in dead of confidentiality. Thes statistics are extremely important because they show that using HR software is more than just a way to remain organized. It's also one of the best ways to improve efficiency, which can lead to fewer medical errors, less loss of time and more revenue for the providers, such as through reduced transcription costs. Every behavioral health provider should be interested improving efficiency through the implementation of une HR software solution, it's possible to reach this goal in the near future. In the past, improving efficiency meant hiring more workers and manually double checking work for mistakes. Thanks to today's technology, this is no longer required. Instead, electronic health records have changed the medical industry for the better. For more helpful tips, be sure to subscribe to this podcast or visit our website at zen charge dot com.