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Clips of Adam Hose in Rio 2 Live on Stage as Nigel

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Voice Over • Animation


This live stage show features the characters from Rio and Rio 2, 20th Century Fox's hit animated feature films. For this show, I voiced Nigel, the villainous cockatoo, originally voiced by Jemaine Clement. These clips show my menacing side, as well as my character singing voice

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English (North American)

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Middle Aged (35-54)




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well, well, well is this a celebration you're having without me ma, I'll be pooping on this little party promptly step aside. I heard an audition is taking place. Time for a professional to show you how it's done At 1st. I was afraid. I was petrified. I kept thinking that I could never live. I could barely fly. And I spent, oh, so many nights thinking now he did me wrong and I grew strong and I learned how to get along. Go on, now go walk out the door. So turn around now. It is I who have the flock once you the one who will try to hurt me with goodbye. Did you think I grumble? Did you think I'd lay down and die? Not gonna lie. Well slack. I've as long as I know how to hate time. No, I'll stay alive. I got all my life to live. And he's got low. It's love to give and I will survive. We will survive. I will survive. You will soon. I'm a survivor. I got the eye of the tiger training again and eating my fiber. You were staying alive while I was staying alive. To watch for you sit when I spit my son live on like you've never seen a cocker to rock in the shot in the drop in the top of the locker to watch what I can do without no auto Tuesday one. Oh no, he didn't. If you try to keep me down, I'll just come back stronger. If you try to cut me short, I'll just come back longer. If you beat me at ping pong, I'll just play ping pong. Give me my throat. I am ready to thrive. One thing I know. I will survive. Well, yes, thank you. Thank you. My performance were so striking, so suave and so bird delicious. Now, why did I not get an invitation to your little Suarez? An oversight? I presume. What's the matter? Swallow a feather old joe baraka's? How do I fit into this little routine? To help or not? To help? That is the question. I do have the best rhythm in the jungle. Really? You couldn't do it without me. Born ready. Lights, Camera action.