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I used to have a big problem that brought unnecessary attention to my life. I always ran my mouth for real. I can think all the way back to elementary school. I will come home knowing about to get my boat would because I was running my mouth at school and until just a few years ago that I even learned how to shut my mouth. I had to start thinking about my life like I was part of the FBI Iris. Whenever I would have the urge to tell someone about the things I'm working on and my goals attached to them, I'll have to start reminding myself that this information is classified. And for someone to receive this info, they would have to have a certain clearance level to even know what to do with it, because putting the right information in the wrong hands could slow down or even completely helped my mission. Seriously, so many times I can recall telling everyone that would listen about all the big deals, tell anyone that would listen about all the things I was working on, so much so at some moments I started believing that things were happening already and they weren't even close to the point that it slowed down my progress of actually reaching those goals. Let me tell it, I would have been a millionaire eight years ago. And what? I wouldn't reach those goals and closed those deals and start those major companies and make all of that money. People will begin to question my efforts. Did I even know what I was talking about? Well, such as blowing smoke. Was I in denial? Maybe it was time for me to get out, All because I gave them information that they were not cleared to receive in the first place. Can you imagine having one of the biggest deals ever that you've worked on for months and started making plans for what you were going to do with the money? Not close it? Yeah, sure you can. As life. This is how it goes. But to add insult to injury, you soon have piers, friends and family questioning. Are you even on the right path? It may be time to get in the system, they would say, and it was all out of love. But it went for me. I knew it for a while. But the only proof that anyone else would accept was instant success. Everyone wanted to see the money all because they weren't at high enough. Clears level toe, understand the process that I had to go through.