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My Arthur, our emperor is dead. The battle of Klan permanently wounded the kingdom of Camelot without his wisdom, without a successor, the empire will shatter while enemies old and new will pick apart its corpse. The remaining knights of the round table, the sisters of Avalon and the court are seeking a monarch to succeed him, but they forget they never had the authority and surely they don't have. Now I see new heroes emerging and thus I foresee those of you who will control the beast within and defeat. Their adversaries are capable of leading us into a new golden Camelot. Will you become the monarch we need or will you let it all be destroyed? Monarchs of Camelot is a narrative competitive Arthurian themed game for 2 to 4 players and lasts between 60 to 120 minutes. In this game, you will take on the role of a legendary monarch and try to prove your worth by earning prestige points, decide which scenario to play and the story will unfold based on your actions or by voting. Each scenario has multiple paths and four different endings at the beginning of your turn, you must choose a decision card from your unique deck and slide it underneath your monarch's card to the right or left side. So that only one side is visible. This is called splaying. Each side is focused on one of your two personal goals. Then you may take an available action by using your resources or your units, your resources and units are your action points, use them wisely and don't forget to use their unique abilities to your advantage. You win the game by reaching 10 prestige points. Monarchs of Camelot. Now on Kickstarter, coming to Kickstarter.