How to stay motivated to loose weight

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This is the voiceover for my latest video on my youtube channel, Think Theory.

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If you're trying to lose weight, you may experience common challenges like slow progress. Our weight last plateau, but staying committed will pay off in the long run. That's why, in this video I will be sharing seven ways to stay motivated when trying to lose weight. Hey, guys, welcome back to victory. And if you're new to the channel that don't forget to subscribe the channel for more videos on health, lifestyle and witness number one set smart goals setting goals is crucial for weight loss. Research shows. Having small targets toe a poor leads to greater long term weight loss, then trying to lose weight without setting goals. Smart matter will help you to get your goals and allow you to track them. Smart stands for specific, specific means. Avoid setting goals that are too big. For example, try. I will increase my physical activity by 20 minutes each day. Instead, off, I will access more measurable set goals that you can easily tracked, like increasing the number of minutes you exercise are how many steps you take attainable. Focus on setting achievable goals and expand from them. For example, if you like to work upto an hour a day off exercise but are currently unable to do so. Start with more realistic goal like 20 minutes a day, then gradually increase your workout land as you will endurance relevant. Make sure each gold ties directly to your overall desire to lose weight. For example, increasing exercise is relevant to weight loss, but sending screen time limit is less so time born. Give yourself a deadline for each goal. This holds you accountable and helps measurable progress number to find a friend our accountability partner. Losing weight is easier when you have support from others, especially if you find a community off people with similar goals. Teaming up with friends or family members who also want to lose weight can help you stay motivated when you're struggling and allow you to hold each other accountable, keep number three is to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness means turning into your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations and paying attention to how the effect your actions mindfulness can be. A powerful do for establishing have the average and making nutritious food choices. Because mindfulness encourages us to slow down, acknowledged how we're feeling and tune out of distractions. Think about of how your food tastes, how it feels to your tongue and your favorite part of the food. This will stop you from eating too quickly, which will help you not over eat. And this will help you to be more present in the movement. If you want to learn more about mindfulness, then check out this video on 57 different proven benefits of meditation and how to get started. My fourth Depor Staying motivated to lose weight is to adjust your environment. It is very crucial that you're struggling. Help you to make healthy choices for weight class. You can do this by starting your fridge with fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Laying out your workout clothes before going to bed so you are more motivated. Toe workout in the morning, choosing restaurants with lots of healthy additions. Preparing a list before grocery shopping. This will help you know exactly what to get and help cut down on impulse buys. Number five makes your workouts. One exercise can be challenging, but if you don't like running, you don't need to force yourself to do it. The best way to exercise is to find the type of work out if you like doing, and you can stick with it. If you enjoy dancing, you can find many dance workouts online like Zumba. If you prefer exercising outdoors, take walks and in future pace and distance, don't be afraid to try out different types of work out, like Joe Carr kickboxing until you find out what you really enjoy. Number six. Keep a food journal. Writing down what you eat helps hold you accountable and make it clear ways you can improve. In fact, a large 8 2030 for keeping a food journal can double a person's weight class in another 2012 study participant who kept food journal experience a greater percentage of weight loss than those who did not. I will link to these stories down in the description so you can check them out and last forgive yourself. Losing weight is hard, and it is often not a leader process. It's come to experience. Plateaus are even occasional weight gains. Life is not perfect. Your weight loss journey will contain setbacks, but it will also contain great tribes. Reminding yourself that you're human is extremely important. It is crucial to forgive yourself when you experience a setback. And unless our a stressful day at work may cause you to falter. But staying committed to your long term goal is more important than striving for everyday perfection. Alright, guys. So these are the seventies for staying motivated to lose weight number one set smart goals number to find a friend. Accountability partner number three Practice mindfulness number four, Adjust your environment. Number five makes your workouts front. Number six considered keeping up four. Diary number seven Forgive yourself. Thank you all so much for watching the video tell us in the comments section What other videos you want to watch in the future and share some off your thoughts for staying motivated to lose weight with the community down in the comments section, make sure you're successful channel and like the video evidence given you any value because it takes so much effort in making these videos. If you get value from it, please consider subscribing to the channel and share the video. It really has to support the channel and I will see you next. One peace