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I am a practicing physician with a vast working knowledge of medical terminology and jargon. I also have my own home-based professional grade recording set up capable of creating audio files in 24 hours or less.

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the vagus nerve represents the nerve of the fourth and subsequent bronchial arches Caudalie from the ganglion. In furious, it descends along the internal corroded artery and the common corroded artery and arrives in the media Steinem via the superior Thor Asic aperture. The right nerve passes over the subclavian artery and the left over the a regards and behind the root of the lungs. From that point on, both nerves are in close contact with the esophagus, forming the ISAF geo plexus terminal branches passed with the esophagus into the abdominal cavity via the diaphragmatic Asafa Geo hiatus. The causes of pituitary tumors are unknown. A tumor of the anterior pituitary can cause excess growth hormone production, leading to gigantism or acromegaly. Too much thyroid stimulating hormone can lead to hyperthyroidism and excess. Adrenal cortical tropic hormone can cause Cushing syndrome. Finally, an increased production of prolactin can cause galactic area, absence of menstrual periods and infertility in women. In men, increased production can cause impotence, infertility, feminization and collect area